SMBC Theater - The Beginning

Keyboard Kitty

Keyboard Kitty plays for your amusement... and mercy.

LOL Cat: 50 Years Later

What happens to Lol Cat when the fame disappears?

Gateway Drug

Local news reporter JP Nickel investigates the dangers of Marijuanna.


Never give Zach and James three wishes.

Ultimate Staring Contest

There is only one way to settle an argument.

The Mustache

James tries out a new style.


Zach solves a difficult equation


Revenge is a drink best served cold.

Buddha's Apartment

Buddha gets enlightened

The Sanders Trial

What happened to little Timmy Jeffers?

Prison Visit

J.P. tries his luck at a prison.

The Plumber

Zach and Kelly really have to shop around right now.

Russian Roulette

Spin the wheel.

Superman vs. Aliens

Superman explains how he will deal with the aliens.

Deathbed Confession

Time for Laura and James to come clean.

Life Tip #1

Every day's a holiday!

Just a Theory

Satan's a DICK.

Who's On First?

Baseball players have funny names these days.

Kids Books

Jon's just full of ideas!

The Sex Talk

Time for the sex talk talk!


Remember, choices have consequences.

Sorry, Honey

Joe helps out his roommate.

Halloween Special #1 - ALT-F4

Counselor Altefor made an RPG...

The Wish

What's YOUR Soul worth?

In the Forest

Who will speak for the trees?!


Jon receives his diagnosis.

Worst Haunting Ever


The Blue Fairy

Felicity just got her fairy wings!

Arm Wrestle

James and JP arm wrestle... for love.


Time for this month's 400 sex tips.

Relationship Strategy - Episode 1

Jon Brence explains relationships.

SMBC Theater Christmas Special #1

Merry Christmas!

Gang Initiation

JP wants to join a gang.

Date Wars

Kelly wants a relationship. Zach wants sex.

Called Upon

It's good to be the chosen one.



Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The Lord works in mysterious ways.

Robin vs. Bomb

Robin gives a press conference.

Both Sides

JP Nickel gives you... Both Sides!

Slippery Slope

What if gay marriage were legalized?

Dating Solutions

Sandy is tired of first date stupidity.

Bad Company

Marty takes a fateful leap.

Time Traveling Geek

Ten d20s must roll 20... at the same time.

Mystery Hero

Jon needs a superhero to save the day.

Heavenly Love

God has some great news.

Prank Patrol

It's time for another episode of Prank Patrol.

Community Service

Rock star Shirley Sustek educates some young adults.

Blind Date

This wasn't mentioned in your online dating profile..

The Job Interview

In this economy, you can't afford not to take this job.

Oh yeah, baby

The night time is the right time.

Slow Motion Breakup

Watch a breakup unfold at the speed of thought.

Batman vs. Reality

Batman fights reality.

The Game

A new game is taking over the world.

Nature Documentary

SMBC Theater's documentary crew travels to Northern Galilee

The Robot

Jon orders a sex robot.

Lost at Sea

James and Zach are lost at sea!

A Duel!

James offers the most plausible explanation for his negligence.

The Bet

Governor JP is nearing an election and things couldn't possibly get worse...


JP Nickel reports on the recent shitbag pandemic.


2032: James Ashby Somehow Elected President

Susie and The Internet

Susie writes a letter to the Internet.

Mad Scientist

Whoever pushes the button first... lives.

Superhero Tryouts

Who will be selected to join the Superpals?!

Just Friendship

Love is a battlefield

The Mancreep!

"With great creepiness comes great responsibility."

Poker World Championships

SMBC Sports brings you the Poker World Championship!

Boss's Day

Why aren't people celebrating boss' day this year?

My Husband!

Angel's husband comes home at a bad time.

Legally Required

Last night got a little rowdy!

Ad Hominem

Jon choked in last night's debate. It's time he learned his lesson.

James Poops

James confronts a serious situation.

Great Idea!

Jp and Zach start a new business!

Gender Negotiation

God wants Man and Woman to be pretty different.

The Writer

James writes his masterpiece

The Tale of James

Will suffering turn James from piety?!

Faking It

JP and Jenny add some spice to their relationship!

BJ Bond

Secret agent JP Bond finds himself in a dire situation.


It's Wendy's playtime!

Halloween Special #2 - Passive Aggressive Werewolf

James has a spookily passive aggressive date.

Homicide Detective

Detective JP Nickel cracks the case!

Science Fair!

James has an awesome science fair project!

Drunk James

James needs to go home.

Working From Home

James has to get some work done!

JP's Girlfriends

JP confronts his sordid past.

Child of Divorce

Bobby's parents have a special announcement!

Health Consultant

James reviews his health insurance options.

Life Tip #2: The Trouble with DINOSAURS!

Try to avoid dinosaurs for roommates

Shock Exchange with Alexis!

Alexis is back in The Shock Exchange

Sex Talk

It's time for the.. errk.. sex talk

Theater vs Graphs

Who will win in the age old battle of Math vs. Theatre.

God's Press Conference

God takes your concerns very seriously.


Zach tries a new way to fight crime!

Pitch Meeting

James has some exciting movie ideas!

Doctor of Philosophy

Dr. Marque has this college freshman's prescription!


Grandpa Zach talks with the kids.

Divorce Negotiation

Breaking up is hard to do.

The Break-Up

Zach has a hot date tonight!


President James has a solution!

Prison Tattoos

Jon's innocent!

The Briefcase

Jon and Colin make an exchange.


SMBC imagines a new lesson for Wargames.

Internet Bartering!

James is ready to make a deal!


Zach worries things are going downhill.


James donates to charity!

5 People You Meet in Heaven

Jon meets the 5 people that most influenced his life!

Toy Soldiers

Zach and James are called to defend their country.

Office Presentation

James makes a big presentation!


Colin comes out of the closet!


James has a sexual dysfunction.

The Legend of Zelda

Link wants a better deal

International Community

The nations of the world throw a party!


JP is in the race of his life!

Election Day!

Voting is hard!

Bible Stories #1

The story of Abraham and Isaac. The Bible is FUNNY.


Thandi moves back home after college...

George Lucas

George Lucas reveals his SECRET PLAN!

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson shares his wisdom with James!

Leprechaun Hunters

Zach, James and Kyle go huntin'!

Insecure Mugger

Most awkward mugging ever?

17th Century Farmer

James explains modern life to a 17th Century Farmer.

Valentine's Day

Jon got Lisa the perfect gift!

Used Car Salesman

Adam has a great deal for you!

Eternal September

James just went viral!


James and Michael philosophize!

Greatest Strength

James needs a job!


James discovered a new plant!

Existential Crisis and Dragons

Jon created a new version of D&D!

Me Time!

James has a night in.

The Ugly Duckling

Kelsey tells a story.